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Shorter project delivery time means
less software development costs!

Why us?

Many years of experience in developing business applications allowed us to streamline business application development process. We developed know-how and libraries which can be reused across projects, allowing us to build applications faster by reducing time needed for creation of repetitive functionality. This reduces the cost and time needed to develop software.


In-house tools to minimize developer errors

Our tools minimize the errors caused by our programmers, so you always get a high-quality system, on time.


Shorter delivery time of IT projects

Years of experience have allowed us to introduce automation in programming - we have created a tool that allows us to deliver dedicated IT systems and mobile applications up to 2 times faster than other companies. And thanks to that we are able to offer you a competitive offer.


Ability of modification during the course of the project.

At any time, you can also make changes without worrying about something that worked and was accepted, suddenly stopped working, and you have to bear the extra costs of rebuilding the application.


Automatic tests after introduction of changes

If we make modifications to the design, we automatically run tests that verify that the functionality has not been compromised. This reduces the time needed for manual testing, and you save not only time but money.

Projects we made with our tool

Sinno - Project

Our own task management application. We are using it to keep track of which tasks are "to-do", which are "done" and who is responsible for each task.

Environmental Platform

An application for waste accounting made for a company dealing with the organization of waste recovery.

Sinno - CRM

Our base CRM module - companies, contacts, tasks with deadlines, files. We can build new functionalities and add-ons as desired.

We use

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