The company is made up of people. People who have a variety of career paths, people who have been involved in projects such as the Jura Coffee Machine control via phone applications, Philips gateway access control systems in Austria and production line monitoring systems.


When we created another great business support application, we began to notice some regularities. Here is another application that requires login and retrive forgotten password functionality, another application that displays data in a table and requires entering information in the form, the next application in which the user wants to upload files, or export to Excel contents of the currently displayed table.


At one point, the idea of frameworks came into being. Instead of creating everything from scratch, why not use blocks? Applications built with our framework use the "functionality blocks" provided by the framework. Thanks to this we put applications from ready components and once added functionality to the framework can be used in other applications. We do not create anymore from scratch, we use smart tools!

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